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Force users to change password in first login (LDAP settings)

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Force users to change password in first login (LDAP settings)

Hi All,

I have installed moodle 2.3.3+ on ubuntu server appache 5.3.10, LDAPS.

Users can log in using https and they can change their password after log in in their profile settings.

I need users to change their password in first log in to get their Google apps account to work. So I change the Force change password in ldap settings but it doesn't work and users can log in without force them to change their password.

If I force them to change password in next login through Active Directory, they can not login.

below is my LDAP settings in Moodle:

Host URL ldaps://

version 3

Ldap encoding utf-8




Force change password= yes

Use standard page for changing password=yes

Password format = Plain text

Password-change URL= http://moodle.mydomain/login/change_password.php


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