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Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0

Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0
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If you would like to do something about this, head over to the themes forum, and help out with what Amy Groshek is attempting:

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Re: Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0

Yes, of course I can try to help there and I will - Amy, Mary, Danny, David, You and other people in theme forum have collected many good ideas to make Moodle Themes better. My comment was just a simple explanation why templating frameworks like Gantry and Warp can't be used directly with moodle.

You can do a lot with plain CSS and even more by moving forward to HTML5 but one essential element of UI design is also javascript and this is partly connected to and some other discussions that Stuart Lamour started.

Things like Bootstrap were not originally meant to be used on top of YUI - to make Bootstrap as fast and reliable as possible you should use it without YUI reset-base-moodle base-custom theme css overwriting chains. YUI css files have the contextual version, CSS Reset's rules should be applied to nodes that descend from a node with a class value of .yui3-cssreset only - not everywhere:

<div class="yui3-cssreset">...</div>

I can't even tell in which yui widgets yui reset is actually needed and why default styles of HTML elements need reset - we have dropped support for IE6 a long time ago and other (modern) browsers render css almost equally. It's a pain to overwrite hundreds of css rules just to notice that it breaks again in the 4th list element - ask Mary about different YUI reset css bugs and she might see red wide eyes

Bootstrap has also jQuery plugins that "bring Bootstrap's components to life" ( ) but since "jQuery" is a really Bad Word for some core developers it is banned like all other optional javascript libraries - you should use yui and nothing else but yui in moodle... so the only option to bootstrap javascript plugins might be

Most common joomla template frameworks use either jQuery or Mootools - or both - for example Warp that Troy mentioned is using jQuery and Mootools for changing settings in administration and for creating different vivid effects and widgets on pages - see more details from pages like or . And surely Yui widgets could be used as well if somebody just had the time and knowledge to create from a scrach a similar templating framework with YUI3.

The only "exception" in moodle 2, mymoodle theme, is using mobile jquery on top of yui and it was accepted to core only because YUI had no mobile options available.

Moodle 2 themes had many major improvements compared to moodle 1.X themes, for example output renderes, configurable settings, cache and free selection of layouts Special Thanks to You, Tim, and Petr & Sam. The unfinished parts can be added to moodle 3, right? wink

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Re: Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0
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My experiments so far have yet to find a place where the YUI css actually has any effect. I've not yet found a way to simply not load it from within a theme though. I've deleted it from core Moodle though and not been able to tell the difference. (To be exact, the default font changed, but if your theme sets the font then you won't notice).
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Re: Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0

FYI Joomla 3.0 uses bootstrap and they are making a new javascript manager to deal with the use of mootools along with jquery. I don't know what RT's plans are with gantry, but I have to wonder if they aren't going to move toward jquery/bootstrap or continue just rolling their own framework with mootools on top of it. I guess we'll see what happens in the coming months.

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