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Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0

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Re: Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0

Hi Derek:  Thanks for adding your perspective. But since you don't know the other OS applications I'm thinking of - and I don't feel I can reveal their names ("to protect the guilty") - let me just propose the following hierarchy:

1) OS applications that are basically unusable w/o the "premium" version
2) OS applications that are fully usable w/o the "premium" version
3) OS applications that have enhanced "bells and whistles" in the premium version.

The ones I'm thinking of fall clearly into category #1. But Moodle does not fall into that category, IMHO. It falls into category #2. I've introduced Moodle core over the years to dozens of clients, all of whom were very happy with it (with that one exception I noted). And doesn't Moodle core meet the needs of 60+ million users? Why aren't they all screaming for ELIS, Totara, etc?

Maybe what I'm proposing here is a taxonomy for OS applications. I'd be interested in hearing whether others would validate it. Thanks.


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Just wondering . . .
Re: Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0
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Just thinking Peter: are you meaning Moodle core (ie out of the box) is fully useable in all but one of your clients?

And are you meaning in a software Useability sense or just "Easy to use" or 'fit for purpose'? 


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Re: Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0

Yes to all of your questions. And in fact Moodle was perfectly useable by that one client but she didn't like it b/c it wasn't "sexy" enough: the buttons didn't make a clicking noise and the text didn't whoosh across the page. I think I've always valued Moodle for the lack of such worthless surface features, but obviously some people value them.

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