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Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0

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Re: Moodle 2.0 vs EDU 2.0

Thanks, Colin, for sharing your perspective. Sounds as though your organization has a strong need for accountability around grades - esp sharing grades with various constituencies. Seems to me as though that's not something Moodle was ever set up to accommodate, and the whole accountability portion of Moodle came later, as more of an afterthought. (I remember at one Moodle moot hearing Martin respond to a question about FERPA, which is the US law that limits parents from seeing the grades of over-18s unless they give permission, and it sounded to me as though he was a bit flummoxed by the whole thing. When I think of Moodle, I think of social constructionism and Martin's idea that "People learn by asking and answering questions." Strict accountability in grading seems a bit counter to all of that - kind of like the endless discussions around cheating in the quiz module, which seems optimized for *practice* much more than high-stakes testing.)

I attended a conference recently at which a high-level administrator said, "We may have to drop Moodle b/c we recently lost some grades." It made me think that when an LMS becomes mainly a repository for accountability info, such as grades, then we may have lost the essence of the learning experience, which is more about building meaning.  At the same session, someone talked about an "LMS stack," which would be an integrated set of learning tools that talk to one another - let each do what it does well rather than replicating everything less well (the SIS keeps track of registration info and grades, the quiz portion asks and answers questions, etc).  Maybe one day the folks at Moodle will need to decide between doing one thing really well and forget about doing some other things that others do better.

Thanks and best of luck!


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