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Grade book "Error" in Course Total column

The issues we're having with grade book is the calculation doesn't seem to be working for the final grade.  Shows "error" for each student in the Course Total column.

All of the other categories are showing totals.

We have 7 categories.

We have 53 students.

We have set the categories for "Weighted Mean of Grades" (have also tried "Simple Weighted Mean of Grades"

We have 21 Moodle quizzes that are graded. We are not using any other Moodle assignments for grading.  The rest of the catagories have manually entered grades.

I found some references to some old 1.9 stuff, but we're running 2.0 (also tested this on 2.1 with no success).  We're digging into the db to see what we can, but have not found anything that we can fix.  

Do any of you know what tables we should be looking at in the db?  Right now we are looking at the "mdl_grade_grades" and "mdl_grade_items" tables.

Also, there are no custom formulas (that I can find).

Thank you!


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Re: Grade book "Error" in Course Total column
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You're looking in the right place

SELECT * FROM mdl_grade_grades g

JOIN mdl_grade_items i on = g.itemid


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Re: Grade book "Error" in Course Total column

Hi Kevin,  I too had the same issue in Moodle 2.4

I went in to the course Gradebook and chose "Full View" from categories and items.

Then click on the icon "edit Calculation for Course Total"

I removed the calculation equation as it might have come across from when the course was restored.

The "error" message then went away and the correct calculation appeared in the column.

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Re: Grade book "Error" in Course Total column

Yes, we have had this issue too (on Moodle 2.3) - but editing the course total calculation doesn't always work.  I am not sure what specifically prevents that from fixing the problem (of course that is the first thing we tried when looking for a solution).

In the end our only solution was to edit the database, which we only ever do in emergencies as it is not an safe practice in general.

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Re: Grade book "Error" in Course Total column
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UPDATE mdl_grade_items SET needsupdate to 0


AND itemtype = 'course'