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How to build an online course?

Mary Cooch
Re: How to build an online course?
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Hello Mark. Well, there is no right or wrong answer really because an online course is what you want it to be. Some are just a load of powerpoints, static resources, while others are much more interactive with videos conferencing, peer assessment activities. It really depends on your preferences and the client's needs and the subject of your learning. It might be good to look at example courses (even though they aren't designed for totally online use) to give you some ideas of structure and activities. So you could:

  1. go to which is a demo school site and which has lots of working courses with students. Although it is guest access, you need really to log in as a student (username student, password moodle) to try out the activities and see how it operates. While it might not be your subject or age range, you will get a good idea of Moodle's potential
  2. Search MOOCH which is a huge collection of courses people have donated - download one to your own Moodle and examine it; that might give you some inspiration too.
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Re: How to build an online course?

Hello Mark,


I am trying to do an face to face infra-estructure, but I don't known where to start can you give some tips about it, I have installed appointment, sheduler mode and face to face module, can you give some way on how to create a fece to face between students and teachers?


thanks for nay kind of help...

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