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Administration Menu in Moodle 1.9.6

Hi all,

I'm the administrator of our Moodle site (v. 1.9.6) and though I'm not an expert everything has been going pretty well for the last two years. But two days ago, I realised I couldn't get to the Administration Menu items and every time I click on any of them, I'm redirected to which in fact is our own former web site address. Since then, I can't do anything as Administrator, although the site seems to go on working: teachers and pupils can log in and work as usual. 

Our site is hosted by and they told me they had found a suspicious code in index.php but even after deleting it, the problem was still there. They tried restoring backups but to no avail. I'm not an expert on php code so I'm desperate and I don't know what the problem can be and what to do. Can anybody please help me?


Javier Oteiza

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Re: Administration Menu in Moodle 1.9.6
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If it's true and you have been hacked then you can't clean up the code you should simply replace the complete Moodle code with that freshly downloaded from this site. You can take this opportunity to upgrade to the latest 1.9 as yours is very old.

Other than that I/someone would probably need to get a quick look at the site as an admin.

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Re: Administration Menu in Moodle 1.9.6

Since it is pointing to your old host after a move there may still be referances to your old host in the database.

Do this- download the whole database, search in your download for the old host name- if it is there someone botched the server move but it  can be repaired by replacing the host name. This is best done by someone who knows how to run a replace query however if they did botch this there may be more wrong.


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