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Re: Moving from GoDaddy Shared Linux Hosting to Virtual Private Server
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"the domain name on the old host and the new one are 100% identical"

Maybe I don't understand how GD does moving services, but this might be your only hickup if domain of old host is and the new one is also and pointed to *same* IP address in DNS.

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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Re: Moving from GoDaddy Shared Linux Hosting to Virtual Private Server
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At the risk of being facetious,

a.b.c => IP address and a.b.c => Same IP address is no change at all. The DNS settings need to be changed to point to the new IP. This can be a source of confusion but only because not many people get to deal with DNS day in day out.

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Re: Moving from GoDaddy Shared Linux Hosting to Virtual Private Server

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your reflections on this. I went ahead and did what I thought I was supposed to, and now things "almost" seem to work, but I get a message saying:

Fatal error: $CFG ->dataroot is not configured properly, directory does not exist or is not accessible! Exiting.

At first I thought it might be a permissions error,  but I gave permission to Others (besides owner) of directory and that didn't fix it. Also, I think I am putting in the right info in $CFG-> dataroot = ... in the config.php file. At least that's what I was told to put in by the fine folks at GoDaddy for the absolute path of a virtual dedicated server plan:


'/var/www/vhosts/<domain name>/httpsdocs/moodle223cinfo/moodledata';

Now, what I did instead of inserting the domain name was to put in the IP address I am using for testing (before finding out all is well and then attaching it in the records area to the domain name I am still using on another (mission critical) host. Perhaps it's not possible to use an IP address instead of the domain name? Or maybe I'm using the wrong syntax? I know I'm getting close to the goal, since I've seen this message before when entering misinformation in the config.file, but this time I can't crack it. (I looked at the old config.php file, but the abolute hosting path is very differeent and in in the case of that site I'd always used the domain name from the start, never an IP address, which I think is important to use here instead of what will be my normal domain name. (I haven't modified the DNS entry, since I need the old site to stay up and running for another couple of days. Any (more) help would be appreciated. Regars, Gary


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