Putting A-E grades into Gradebook

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Putting A-E grades into Gradebook


I'm getting really frustrated with Gradebook, it just doesn't seem to be user friendly! I want to do something which I see as pretty simple but I'm getting tied up with values,scales,aggregates......etc etc

Right, I would like to create a assignment (which I can do) then mark it using A level grades A-E with 45 being the maximum mark. I would like my scale to be A,A-,B+,B,B-,C+,C,C-,D+,D,D-,E+,E,E-,U. I am not interested in putting the actual mark out of 45 (i keep that elsewhere). I would then like to 'course total' to be the mode (I think) of all the marks I have given so that a pupil who is mostly geting C+ for example will see that at the end of the course. Is this the best way to get a reflection of the set of marks?

Please could someone help me do this? There seem to be so many variables when setting this up. I have created the scale but it says my maximum mark is 16. Do I need this to be letters? Is this a scale or a value? Argghhh!! I'm going nuts and I still have the damned essays to mark!! angry




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Re: Putting A-E grades into Gradebook

Have you read the docs?  This part is straightforward.

I'm not sure if your course total mode is possible to automate.  What is the mode of A,A-  for instance ??

Good luck with your marking.


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Re: Putting A-E grades into Gradebook
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The LAE grader report does this though it sounds more like you'd like to be doing this from the assignment grading interface.  LAE Grader uses whatever percentages you've set up in your letter grades for the course so that when you input a 'B-' it uses 1% point down from the next grade up as its calculation (giving the student the 'best' B- ) and calculates the points based on that percentage against the maximum points for the item.