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Windows server: Cron problem

Windows server: Cron problem


We have Moodle 2.3.2 running on Windows Server 2008 SP 1 with SQL server 2008 and IIS. Everything was working until recently the scheduled task running cron failed. If I run the script manually it gives this output (including the strange ´╗┐ at the end:

Created missing context instances

Cleaned up stale user sessions

Running auth crons if required...

Running enrol crons if required...

Running cron for enrol_cohort...

Starting activity modules

Processing module function assign_cron ...done.

... used 6 dbqueries

... used 0.13002800941467 seconds


Finished activity modules

Starting blocks

Finished blocks

Starting admin reports

Finished admin reports

Starting main gradebook job...


Starting processing the event queue...


Starting the portfolio cron...


Starting course reports

Finished course reports

Starting gradebook plugins

Finished gradebook plugins

Fetching external blog entries...done.

Deleting blog associations linked to non-existent contexts...done.

Starting the question bank cron...

  Cleaning up old question previews...done.


Starting registration update on hubs...

Finished registration update on hubs.

Recently fetched info about available updates is still fresh enough, skipping.

Deleting session linked tokens more than one day old...done.


Can anyone tell me how I troubleshoot this?


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Picture of J D
Re: Windows server: Cron problem

You should check your php error log to see if you got something there that may explain this.

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Wellingtonia Tree
Re: Windows server: Cron problem

Did you get to the bottom of this and if so what was it please?

I don't have the weird symbol on the end, but I have simmilar sounding issues.


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