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images soften??!

moodle 2.5

Anyone have problem with image definition?

With past web work i have never been able to tell the difference between an image viewed on my computer and after I have put it in a web page ( as long as it goes in without shrinking or stretching).  Just put an image into Moodle and it looks less sharp, as though slightly 'out of focus.'   does Moodle dumb images down?




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Re: images soften??!
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"does Moodle dumb images down?" No.

Check your version oif Moodle.  2.5 is probably due out next year in June.

If you are inserting images in the editor, nothing shlould mess with the images as you describe.


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Re: images soften??!
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Right click the image, choose "Save As".  Compare the file size and type to the original.  Also, view the image locally after saving it.  Does it look better?  if it looks better after saving it, that points to CSS resizing the image, if only slightly.

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