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Moodle (or something else) for a webinar?

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Thanks Marcus. I hope you guys don't mind me posting my thoughts here. I am very new to Moodle and still trying to get my head around it.

I am leaning more towards Wordpress as it allows me to do everything we need at the moment. Finances will not allow us to spend on a dedicated server or even a top-end vps and I get the impresion Moodle needs more resources than wordpress due to the nature of its features. If we decide not to use all the educational tools, quizes etc then I don't see the point in using Moodle.


I really appreciate the advice from you all. Thank you for your time.

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Moodle (or something else) for a webinar?
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No problem. I use Moodle almost exclusively for quizzing which is renowned as the most resource intensive of all the modules. I never have more than 20 students taking a quiz at a time and the cost for my shared hosting is £50 per year (year not month)...... I like Wordpress because of it's themability and support. Even if you decide later that Moodle has features you want, you will probably not regret making a start with Wordpress. Tonight I was playing with a Wordpress/Buddypress Courseware, a WP Educational plugin. It doesn't seem to be at all finished.

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