Adapting an existing (and different) grade system.

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Adapting an existing (and different) grade system.


I'm new here, and I plan transform an existing learning platform to Moodle.
One of the differences between the current system and Moodle is how the quizzes and courses are graded. Moodle is more powerful and complex.

In the old system, to pass a quiz the student had to correctly answer X of Y questions, where X was generally Y/2, but could be any number <= Y. For example, if the quiz had 40 questions, and the minimum number of correct answers was 20, the student had to answer 20 or more questions to pass the quiz. The student passed the course when he passed all the assessments.

Looking to Moodle, it seems that this is handled differently, and this is based on percentages. Honestly, I still don't understand the 40% of how the grade/gradebook works, but I'm quite sure that we could adapt it, as it's far more powerful. However, I see a big problem migrating the database, as we must preserve and import the data of the current existing platform.

So my question is, how difficult could be changing the grade system of Moodle to suit our needs?

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Re: Adapting an existing (and different) grade system.
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As author of the LAE Grader report I consider the code for how the gradebook does what it does in Moodle to be quite complex. It is not complex PHP programming but very complex structure.
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Re: Adapting an existing (and different) grade system.

It is complex indeed. Even for course managers I would say.