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Travis CI configuration file for Moodle

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Re: Travis CI configuration file for Moodle
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Thanks for sharing this Jerome.

I've used this base to create an .travis.yml for a plugin I'm maintaining (https://github.com/dmonllao/moodle-block_admin_presets/blob/MOODLE_27_STABLE/.travis.yml) only behat tests.

Note that the command to set the behat config vars changed between 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7; attaching a replacement working for 2.6 and 2.7.

sh -c "sed -i -e s/'password'/''/ -e s/example.com/localhost/ -e s% -e s% -e s%/home/example%$HOME% -e 's%\(\$CFG.*bht\)%\n\1%' -e 's%\(\$CFG.*behat_wwwroot.*http://localhost:8000\)%\n\1%' config.php"

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Re: Travis CI configuration file for Moodle

Hi guys,

since David's last fix,  the behat environment installation composer ask your for a github token. So some new changes were needed. An example of currently working yml script is there: https://github.com/mouneyrac/moodle-auth_googleoauth2/blob/master/.travis.yml

Note 1: I switched to shippable (https://app.shippable.com) but it is compatible with travis so you should not have too many trouble to make it work with travis.

Note 2: if you get a version working without the php local server (install apache on shippable), give a link to an example.



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