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Windows server: Logging in via LAN or internet

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Windows server: Logging in via LAN or internet


Please forgive ignorance but need help with an issue we're having with our server. Have searched for this many times on the forum but not sure I have found the answer.

We have our own server in school on our LAN and we can access it using an IP number e.g. http://123.456.789.11/moodle and it is also set up as a web server so that students can access it from home via

We did this as our past experience was that if many students in school attempted to access moodle via the web server route, it put a lot of strain on resources. Our technician set up the LAN route to reduce strain and allow many concurrent users (we might want up to 90 at once).

The problem is that if resources such as images or PDF files are uploaded by a teacher via the LAN route, they cannot be accessed via the web server route, and vice versa.

Is there a way to get around this short of only accessing via the web route?

We are on a Windows 2008 (I think) server running Apache and MySQL.

Many thanks,


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Re: Windows server: Logging in via LAN or internet

Well yes internally you should be accessing it via a internal private ip (http:\\ or preferable a dns record (http:\\ since they are easier for people to remember.

Then on your firewall you should be NATing the internal private ip address to a public static ip address (purchase through your ISP usually) then have a external public DNS record (purchased though Domain resgistrar usually) for your students to access(http:\\

Both ways it is a web server, internally and externally. And best security since it is publically accessibel says it should be in a DMZ but will work with our without.

So sounds like you have that above done!

Externally and Internally your accessing the same system so if one side can't read what the other side is posting it's most likely a rights issue as to the level of access or control they have not how you accessing it.

Can you tell us if they can see the added items at all or just get a error message when trying to view?

Also this might be a good test.

1. login via internal (as yourself) and upload something

2. login via external (as yourself) and see if you can access it

3. create a test user with same rights as this having issues and see if you can view it


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Re: Windows server: Logging in via LAN or internet
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Hi David,

Sorry to contradict; but Cory's suggestion is not the best way to do this.

What you need to have your technician do is create the DNS zone of on your INTERNAL DNS server and then point the root entry for this zone and an A Record of www to your internal IP address.

That way when you ping from inside your network you get a response from the internal LAN IP and when you ping it from outside you get the public IP.

Please see Masquerading for more details.


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Re: Windows server: Logging in via LAN or internet

Thank you both for your help. We have forced people to come in via the external route. So far, that seems to have knocked the issue on the head.

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