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Grading sheets on assignments


I’m in a little development group and we’re starting to develop an improvement. Our idea is to implement a grading sheet so in each assignment the teacher can specify sections which will be evaluated and its weight into the final assignment grade. The option must show a table to teachers so they can fill it if they want. Students will see the table with the parameters at the beginning and filled with the partial grades when the teacher evaluates the work.

The goal is to let students see the partial grades so they can see their errors in more detail than just a fail global grade.

Our plan is to enhance the assignment module and start the project reusing the grading sheets than are already done for other modules. We're just starting, we're still discussing how to do it.

We’ve searched the forums and we don’t found any similar improvement in course or already done, if it’s already done please let us know.

We are all novice developers so all suggestions will be well received.

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Mary Cooch
Re: Grading sheets on assignments
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Hi there smile Here are a couple of links to documentation that might be useful to you: Marking guide and also Rubrics
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Re: Grading sheets on assignments

Thanks for that. We've decided to just add the percentages option to the marking guide .


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