Unmarked items in the grader report

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Re: Unmarked items in the grader report
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That sort of sounds like completion tracking, which is an existing feature. Have you looked at that yet? What version of Moodle are you using?

Read the Course completion and Activity completion features docs if you want to see if this might help.

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Re: Unmarked items in the grader report
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I'm using Moodle 2.3. Course and activity completion are fine features but I was hoping for existing information to be displayed rather than having an additional set of features to configure. 

For example if I set an assignment and they have uploaded it I would like it to be easy to see they have done what was asked but I have not marked it. In the light of your feedback  I took a look at activity completion (quite willing to get into the habit of clicking a few things if the feature was there), but I could only see options for requireing viewing and requiring grading. In this context I needed requiring attempt (as in an upload for an assignment).

Looking at the code I suspect the magic could be performed somewhere in the code for grade_tree. If anyone is familiar with grade_tree, would you have any hints if this is the code to chase down?