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Integration round 2012-11-01 - Hackfest hangover

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2012-11-01 - Hackfest hangover
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Cold numbers:

52 issues have been successfully integrated with 7 rejected. That is 88% success, hurrah!


Code freeze for 2.4 began last Monday, at the start of #moodledev12. During the hackfest, integration and developement was on hiatus for a rare week so all could be involved in planning, discussing and understanding the future developments. Not all actions were carried out, but the week did present the first time for the integration team to gather together in one room!

Hot topics:

  • MDL-16660 - Importing of iCal subscriptions to Moodle calendar
  • MDL-34399 - Questionlib caching using MUC
  • MDL-36145 - YUI 3.7.1 imported
  • MDL-35297 - missing upgrade steps for mod_book users upgraded from old contrib versions

Warm thanks:

  • To Rex Lorenzo, from UCLA, for the patches, issue reports and taking copious notes at #moodledev12 for future reference, thanks!

Ciao! Dan

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