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Moodle usermanagement not up to par?

Re: Moodle usermanagement not up to par?

We are fairly new to Moodle, having made the switch gradually from Sakai in Jan 2012, then completeley on July 1, 2012.  We have over 3000 students, 200+ Faculty, 500+ courses.

We still manage our users manully, and see no need to change.  I have looked at using Active Directory authentication, but have not put it in place, since it would only benefit the faculty, ( students do not use AD ).

Faculty do have to add the students manually, which the faculty like, since it gives them control of who has access to the class.  I experimented with cohorts at the begining, but so many students switch cohorts, it was impractical.

I have to say, I do not spend a lot of time on user management, I do not forsee any problems in the future manually managing them.

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