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Moodle usermanagement not up to par?

We are using Moodle since 2006 and it has grown rapidly. Right now we are using version 2.3.2.

I must say that Moodle is really nice to use, but we are getting more and more problems managing tehe amount of users. I have the feeling Moodle is not fit for a big amount of students and teachers using it. But perhaps I'm overlooking some things.

Let me give you some statistics on our Moodle:

Courses: 3000
Students: 5000
Teachers: 200

For authentication of our Moodle we use LDAP and Active Directory. We hardly have any login problems.

So now I have 5200 logged in users and we need to be give them the correct authorisation. This is where Moodle gets complex.

Let's say I have 30 students which need to get about 30 courses. For this 30 courses we have about 10 teachers.

How do we set this up? I think most schools just let the teachers assign the students manually to the 30 courses, every year the same procedure. We don't want this manually done anymore.

So we started using sitegroups in Moodle. Which is a good idea, however sitegroups are still maintained manually and teachers are unable to assign a sitegroup to their course.

We have about 5000 students following about 500 different programs. So we created about 500 sitegroups. We are now using Active directory groups to assign the students to the Moodle sitegroups, which is not working flawlessly (this is a custom module not yet integrated in the official Moodle version)

We also use metacourses, but this also doesn't work for the purpose we want it to be.

So I think Moodle is really nice for schools that use manual usermanagement, or semi-manual using flatfiles. But once your Moodle grows bigger and bigger you run in many different problems. We for example have a massive loss of grades of our students because they are now assigned to courses using sitegroups (and no longer manually).

This is just one of many problems we run into because our Moodle grows bigger and bigger. Am I overlooking something? Are other schools still managing userrights manually?

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Re: Moodle usermanagement not up to par?
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I suspect someone from the Open University could respond to this one, I understand they have something like 250,000 users and manage adequately... but that might just be hearsay.

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Re: Moodle usermanagement not up to par?

I hope they reply, but there's a chance they just let the users enrol themselves into a course.

As we are dealing with people from 12-21, this is not an option for us.

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Re: Moodle usermanagement not up to par?
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What is the rotation among those 5000 students? I mean how many are new each semester or year and how often you need to change their assignment to courses.
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Re: Moodle usermanagement not up to par?

Quite often, about 1250 a years, several moments.

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Re: Moodle usermanagement not up to par?

We are fairly new to Moodle, having made the switch gradually from Sakai in Jan 2012, then completeley on July 1, 2012.  We have over 3000 students, 200+ Faculty, 500+ courses.

We still manage our users manully, and see no need to change.  I have looked at using Active Directory authentication, but have not put it in place, since it would only benefit the faculty, ( students do not use AD ).

Faculty do have to add the students manually, which the faculty like, since it gives them control of who has access to the class.  I experimented with cohorts at the begining, but so many students switch cohorts, it was impractical.

I have to say, I do not spend a lot of time on user management, I do not forsee any problems in the future manually managing them.

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