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Dynamic Video Support using Mozilla Popcorn

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Re: Dynamic Video Support using Mozilla Popcorn

Hi All,

My post on the developer discussion for "Audio/Video repository plugin" seems to be a no-go. Paul Nicholls suggested the following:

"it might be better to develop an assignment submission module and perhaps a resource module.  The assignment submission module would allow students to create and submit videos using Popcorn Maker, whilst the resource module would allow teachers to create videos to use as teaching resources. This would narrow your options for where you can use it a little, but I think it should cover most potential uses of it whilst alleviating the issues that crop up if you try to fit it into the file picker interface."

I'm new to Moodle as a tool. I just searched for likely candidates which might work with integrating Popcorn.

Are there __people__ you can suggest in Moodle who'd be really interested in carrying forward the integration of Popcorn?

Otherwise I feel a good tool for the Moodle community may go begging in various discussion forums.

Any ideas on how to take the discussion/implementation forward?



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