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Student using Rubrics for Self-Assessment

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Student using Rubrics for Self-Assessment

I have setup several grading rubrics for various activities in moodle and have been using these rubrics to successfully grade student work for many weeks now. I am wanting to take the usage of rubrics one-step further though, I want students to be able to use them to self-assess their own work. I have been able to give the students access to see the rubrics, but the students can not operate the rubrics (use them to generate scores themselves). Does anyone know how I can get this done?

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Mary Cooch
Re: Student using Rubrics for Self-Assessment
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Have you looked at the Workshop module? This can be used for self and peer assessment 

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Re: Student using Rubrics for Self-Assessment

In working with teachers in professional development I have been asked this question. Here is a strategy for allowing students to use a rubric for self-assessment:

Rubrics are an item that is graded within Moodle. Students do not have permission to grade so they will not be able to use a rubric by clicking on criteria and adding comments. However, there is a way to work around this if you have an activity where you would like students to self-reflect on a rubric.

Assign students to the Non-editing teacher role for a specific activity. The role of Non-editing teacher allows grading but not editing of the course. When assigning students to this role within an activity, they can only grade within that activity.

Let's say you want students to use a rubric as a self-assessment tool for a project. Create an assignment in Moodle and add the rubric. Assign students the role of non-editing teacher in this assignment only.

There is a potential drawback to consider. Students will be able to see and "grade" the rubric of all other students. However, you will know if a student has graded the rubric of another student. The profile picture and name of the last grading teacher or non-editing teacher always displays with the graded rubric.

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Re: Student using Rubrics for Self-Assessment

or use the workshop module as mary has suggested, and they can only assess their own!

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Re: Student using Rubrics for Self-Assessment

Workshop is a cumbersome beast with it's phases and examples and the need to have all work submitted before moving on to the assessment phase.



Can workshop use a rubric I have already set up in Advanced Grading?


Here's how it should work.

  1. Set assignment
  2. Design advanced grading rubric.
  3. When student submits assignment they must assess themselves on the rubric. Click the boxes for where they are. Even write some comments. Exactly the same rubric screen the teacher sees. They can only see their own.
  4. When the teacher opens the work to grade it the rubic already has the students self assessment on it. When the teacher clicks a box on the rubric it goes a different color. eg Student  Red Shading, Teacher Green Shading.
  5. Allow teacher to decidie what percentage of the final mark is determined by self and teacher assessment eg make Final Grade 80% Teacher: 20% Self. or Final Grade is 100% Teacher Assessment 0% Self Assessment.

Is this a feature request?


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Re: Student using Rubrics for Self-Assessment
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We have a client that has approved some work around this that may be useful as a community contribution, 

We are planning to add the following features:

  • When creating/editing an assignment or forum activity in Moodle, the teacher will be able to turn self-grading on;
  • When a student has submitted their work in an assignment, a button will appear under their submission that will take them to a self-grading page, this grade will then appear within the student's gradebook;
  • If self-assessment is enabled within a forum, a link to the self-assessment will appear on each user's forum post which will take them to the appropriate page in order to allow grading.

If you think these features would be useful on their own, please take a look at MDL-47372 and add your vote, we're doing the work and I'd like to make it available in core but we really need to make sure there is support for this before HQ would consider having this feature included.

We've also had some discussion around the possibilities of adding boundaries and restrictions around the self-assessment grade: this would allow the teacher to set bounds around a self-assessment grade relative to the student's average performance. For example if the student's average grade for other activities within the course is 80%, the self-assessment grade should not deviate from/exceed it by more than a given percentage; But this feature is not included in the current work we are doing and I'm not 100% sure if we can implement this in a way that would be useful in core but I'll put some more thought into it after we've completed the initial work.

I think there's probably also a way we could link this in with the Assignment workflow features in future so that self-grading could set a particular workflow state and allow review. 

This work also relates to MDL-31860 - adding advanced grading methods to the forum activity which we are also working on for the same client.

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Re: Student using Rubrics for Self-Assessment
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Hi Dan,

I really like self-assessment of assignments and will certainly vote for your proposals.  For your information, we have built a similar module, called the "Video Assessment Module" over the past three years. It takes the complex rubrics of the assignment module and adds self-assessment and peer-assessment of a video file.  It is probably designed for a bit different purpose than what you describe--more for performances that are video-recorded (speeches, dramas, medical procedure training), but it might provide some useful ideas, such as:

  • full use of rubrics adjacent to a video player window
  • variable/configurable combination of weightings of self/peer/teacher assessment into a composite grade
  • multiple peer and multiple teacher assessments
  • printed reports for individuals with peer/self/teacher assessments in different colors
  • upload of video recording directly from a tablet, or from digital camera memory card (webcam recording coming soon)
  • semi-automated association of files recorded by the teacher to the appropriate individuals
  • selection and publishing of video projects to a separate, more public course site

It is not available on the plugins database but I attach the module package here in case you or others are interested.

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Re: Student using Rubrics for Self-Assessment


This Video Assessment Module sounds as though it could be a really useful feature for some assignments we are using.

You state that it is not available as a plugin but I noticed in another post on May 27th you mentioned that you "are in the middle of another Moodle project (video assessment module)" so I'm encouraged to hear that it is being developed and wondered if you could give any indication of progress?


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