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Repository plugin for direct audio/video recording into Moodle

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Re: Repository plugin for direct audio/video recording into Moodle
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I just installed the repo on our TEST servers and am waiting for some people to check it out. But in my limited testing in trying to find the best settings, I just couldn't seem to get the plugin to record a good sounding audio message.

Here are my settings:

  • Flash audio recorder (Java audio didn't work)
  • Audio format: Speex (don't know the difference between Speex and ImaADPCM, there isn't any documentation regarding this, but Speex seems to be an open source format geared for voice)
  • Audio format: High quality

However, whenever I record some audio I get some mechnical feedback and tried playing with the echo cancellation setting on my microphone, but still no real success. Maybe it is the microphone on my iMac screen or something, but I didn't find the audio recording impressive.

Anyone else able to get good audio recording quality? 

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