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Multiple clients on one instance of Moodle

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Multiple clients on one instance of Moodle


I am new to researching Moodle and looking into setting it up. I am looking to use Moodle in the online recruitment industry. Basically, I want to be able to offer HR training services to companies who advertise on the jobs board. Therefore, I need to establish Moodle so that each company has their own space on the Moodle account and that they can then show to their own staff. 

My company must be able to administor each companies Moodle and the client must be able to edit their own page. However, as it will be my company's Moodle with various clients, each client must not be at Adminstrator level nor should they be able to view each others spaces. 


Would you recomment us to have one instance of Moodle on our Server and divide client companies by "categories" or should we have seperate installations for each company. The latter way I'm sure would require far too much administration and coding though. 


Hope I explained that for you to understand my queries about setting up the service. 


Thank you

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Re: Multiple clients on one instance of Moodle
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In Moodle jargon this is called It says "work in progress" looks more like a bumpy ride to me.

I missed this presentation in the recent Swiss MoodleMoot It's in German but the kind of information there is "international" (though the pptx extension is less apatizing ;().

There is a white paper by the same author.
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Re: Multiple clients on one instance of Moodle
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Please excuse blatant advertising, but we have a commercial fork of Moodle that does what you need...

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