Missing grades in gradebook

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Re: Missing grades in gradebook

I find it inexcusable when someone chartered with the objective to teach people how to learn refuses to undertake steps to grasp how the single most important tool for gathering information EVERYWHERE in the world (the browser) works.

Welcome to IT. You must be new here. big grin

People simply want their applications to work. They do not care about the back end, how it works, the bugs inherent therein, the code, the process, or much of anything else. Educators are no different in this regard, and it's been my experience they are far worse in this the higher their formal education goes.

Get the idea out of your head that people give a damn, for in that direction madness and heartbreak lie.

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Re: Missing grades in gradebook

I have to agree with Bob on the part about using IE.  I am amazed how many times I get calls from instructors or students with problems on Moodle only to find out they are using IE and not Firefox.  This occurs even though we have it clearly stated on Moodle site to use Firefox.

Sad fact it there are just as many bugs in CMS's that you pay for so everyone can do their part here and vote.

Here is hoping people realize some things do take long time to fix then others,


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Re: Missing grades in gradebook
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I agree, this HAS been my experience but is no longer consistently my experience because educators IMO are patently polite folk and they have put up with a good deal of my canvassing towards them "understanding" the important tools they use, progressing along a charted line of instruction in how "knowing this or that" about this or that tool will make their life easier and their teaching more effective.  There are of course plenty of exceptions.  


I've been in IT since 1985 when IBM introduced their first PC.

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Re: Missing grades in gradebook
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I also work with teachers and understand that they just want things to work. Five years ago, I would agree that they should not have to think about it but in this day and age, I now agree that it is inexcusable for teachers to not take responsibility for learning at least the basics of technology.  It is too integral to our lives to not take the time to get some basic skills.  Their students are fast leaving them behind.

I started with Moodle about four years ago - I am no expert but have taken it upon myself to become familiar with mysql and php so that I can take advice from the community here and make Moodle work in our environment. I work with Open Source and non-Open Source software and hardware and I have to say that I am able to find fixes way faster from the open source community that I can from the vendors that I pay thousands of dollars for for support.