Grades overridden randomly

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Re: Grades overridden randomly

We are having this same issue and our faculty are very upset.  We have had at least 10 cases this week of courses that have the Course Total as overridden and students are freaking out.  To fix this we go to the database and manually change it so that the column is no longer overridden.  

What we would really like to know is what causes this.  It happens with random columns and like Sal it doesn't always happen to an entire column.  

Any thoughts on what causes the column to become overridden randomly?


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Re: Grades overridden randomly

We have seen the same issue.  One thing that we have noticed is that if you even click or tab into that field then it will override the grade.  I see there is a fix in this forum, but when I clicked on it the page was not there.  It would be VERY nice if the calculated fields could not be overriden unless you click on the editing pencil to access the that screen.  It is too easy to override grades accidently and then the calculation no longer works.

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Re: Grades overridden randomly

I am having this issue also, but only with one course.  It is one of the courses that has the biggest number of grading items and students.  

I did apply the patch according to this

but have left the "quick feedback" off anyway, so that shouldn't be the problem.  

There has been talk about not having the max_input_vars set high enough will cause grades to not be saved.  I wonder if it also causes grades to be overridden.  I will look into this.

Just wondering...