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Drag and drop problem Chrome (2.3.1)

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Re: Drag and drop problem Chrome (2.3.1)

You might be having the same problem I reported on another thread on Sunday. See

The tracker for the problem I reported is:

You can vote for it if you think it is the same issue.

At this point the thinking seems to be that the problem is caused by a conflict with Smart Notebook drivers. Does this sound plausible for you?


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Re: Drag and drop problem Chrome (2.3.1)

Yes, thank you. This is the issue.

Smart notebook software is a portion of our problem because it makes the computer a touch capable device. But we are also using hp tablets with a touch screen on campus.

The problem is that YUI uses touch events and ignores mouse events whenever it sees that touch events are enabled. For an example of this you can look at lines 18 - 26 of the following Moodle source file.


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