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Integration round 2012-09-27 - new firmware

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2012-09-27 - new firmware
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Cold numbers:

50 issues have been successfully integrated with 15 rejected and 3 delayed. That is 63% success, continuining our poor run of acceptance rates. sad


This week, the integration team published the integration review guidelines on the dev wiki: Integration Review. This documentation has been long overdue whilst we'd taken the flawed aproach to try and create something perfect, rather than release, iterate and improve. Hopefully the lesson is learned and we can continue to improve this page into something as a useful guidance document for developers.

The integration team discovered some cases of conflciting advice given by integrators this week. Please don't hestiate to feedback to us if this happens (or any other reason). We will endevaour to upload a consistent firmware to integrator brains. wink

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Warm thanks:

  • To Paul Charsley (Massey University), for many web service contributions including new assignment related functions which are landing in 2.4.



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