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Integration round 2012-09-20 - 3 weeks till code freeze!

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2012-09-20 - 3 weeks till code freeze!
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Cold numbers:

45 issues have been successfully integrated with 12 rejected and 5 delayed. That is 65% success, the statistics are not looking good.


This week saw a lot of work in accessibility improvements for Moodle, particularly with improvements to use of html markup for screen readers. We'd love to see more involvement with more accessibility experts to help guide our developments and ensure future developments continue to be as accessible as possible. So please, join the forums, participate on the tracker and collaborate with us to improve Moodle!

Note that we are now three weeks away from code freeze!

Hot topics:

  • MDL-32688 - Guest access improvements to mymoodle
  • MDL-35244 - RTL fixes for 2.4
  • MDL-35153 - Allow WAYFless URLs with Shibboleth authentication
  • MDL-35376 - Shortcut/alias not working for Private file repo
  • MDL-33166 - Reintroduce a capability to control auto forum subscription emails
  • MDL-33982 - Insert/edit embedded media preview fixed

Warm thanks:

  • To Greg Kraus, for helping support accessibility improvements with suggestions and advice on improving Moodle.


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