Admin Ability to search courses for Child Courses

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Admin Ability to search courses for Child Courses

Greetings - we have recently upgraded to Moodle 2.3 and it is excellent. 

Quick question for creating a Meta Course - as the Admin for our site when I select the Meta Course Link option - in the course field I see all of our courses.  Is there a way to search and narrow down the courses for adding a child course to the Meta Course?  I have found that if the faculty signs in they only see their assigned courses - and this will help, but I may need to some of this quickly and add the child course for the faculty member.  Just thought I would see if there is any way to type in the course title and get that course to come up.  I have tried and it will take the first 2-3 numbers of the course name but it will not continue the string. 

As always thank you so much for your help.

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Er: Admin Ability to search courses for Child Courses

Hi Nancy,

The only way you have to search for the child course in a standard Moodle 2.x installation is scrolling the list (this can be quite annoying when you have hundreds of courses in the list) or typing the name of the child course in the list.

Anyway, in the tracker there is a issue opened (MDL-27628) where Troy Williams has published a patch which allows searching child courses in a better way:

Course meta link search

IMHO this is a regression from the 1.9 version and I think somewhere this patch will be integrated in the standard Moodle version, but meanwhile you can apply this patch to your Moodle (I did and it works fine).

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