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Just released a new MooTyper 3.5.1 version that shows both gross (GWPM) and net (NWPM) under a single label of WPM. Gross is on the left and net is on the right, of the separator bar. Only the net  value gets saved in the database when you click, Continue. (If you really need to know the gross later, just divide, hits per minute by 5.)

Also, due to numerous requests, this version includes a new, Practice, mode. Set it up like you would Lesson or Exam. Once set and saved, it cannot be changed. As a reminder, the word, Practice, gets added to the exercise name, just above the status bar, and just above the grade table when visiting, View my grades. Once a student has saved their results by clicking the Continue button, they can visit, View my grades, and remove any grade they see, but the next exercise offered will be the one after the last exercise grade posted. In other words, if a student has completed four out of ten exercises in a lesson, and they remove the results for exercise number two, they will be given exercise five, next. If they really want to retype exercise two, then they have to remove three and four also.

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