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install.php inaccessible, returns 404

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install.php inaccessible, returns 404

Hi, I'm tring to install Moodle for the first time and am running into a strange error. I tried uploading all the files and then going to the /moodle/ directory in-browser, which automatically redirects you to the install.php file (if I understand the install process correctly).

Now the files must be there, for the browser needs to go to index.php, run the php code that tells it to redirect to install.php, and then open that file. I get a 404 error however with the browser bar showing install.php. I know the file is there, I can view it in an FTP viewer, so why am I getting a 404 error? Is it a security thing? Or perhaps some sort of conflict with the already installed wordpress? (note, the wordpress config.php file is in the root directory, and the moodle config-dist.php is in the /moodle/ sub-directory so there shouldn't be any conflict there)

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Re: install.php inaccessible, returns 404
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Aaand... once more...

* Which moodle version?
* What operating system and if applicable) what hosting company?
* Where did you get Moodle - what installation instructions are you following?
* What web server/version? What version of PHP. What database, what version?

Basic info please wink

However... I would NEVER place a Moodle folder in a sub-directory of some other application. Then you can double that for wordpress. Have a look at Wordpress's .htaccess file!
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