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Integration round 2012-08-09 Summary - towards ANSI SQL not equals operator

One poor developer...
Integration round 2012-08-09 Summary - towards ANSI SQL not equals operator
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Cold numbers:

55 issues have been successfully integrated with 16 rejected and 9 delayed. That is 77% success, not bad, but can improve.



While furiously bug fixing, aiming to next point releases in one month (9th Sept), multiple inter-version cleanups are happening behind the scenes (dropping old tables and columns, moving deprecated stuff to newer counterparts...).

Also, soon, we all should start reading and discussing drafts for the different projects from the Moodle Roadmap to be included in next major version (Moodle 2.4, due December 2012).

Finally 2 little suggestions, dear developers:

- Use the excellent support for phpunit available since Moodle 2.3 and try to incorporate it to your development cycle (from design to testing).

- Share, participate, enjoy, learn @ the forums. They are full of good ideas, help requests and a lot of people loving Moodle (and some trolls too, they are funny).


Hot topics:

  • MDL-34701 - YUI updated to 3.6.0
  • MDL-34685 - Allow auth plugins to provide custom signup forms.
  • MDL-22663 - Fix the WebDAV repository to show files properly.
  • MDL-34711 - Fix single discussion forums (broken recently).
  • MDL-28486 - Problems using YouTube and Vimeo videos under https.
  • And lots more in multiple areas like formslib, accessibility, wiki, enrolments, themes, quiz, gradebook...


Warm thanks:

  • To all the people that each Wednesday helps with the task of testing all the bug-fixes, checking that everything works as expected. Rarely recognized, often tedious but, indeed, mission critical. Many, many thanks to all you!

    (from the Tracker and by first name: Adrian Greeve, Andrew Davis, Andrew Nicols, Ankit Agarwal, Anthony Borrow, Aparup Banerjee, Dan Marsden, Dan Poltawski, David Monllaó, David Mudrak, Dongsheng Cai, Frédéric Massart, Gerard Caulfield, Glenn Ansley, Helen Foster, Jason Fowler, Jerome Mouneyrac, Marina Glancy, Martin Dougiamas, Marty, Michael de Raadt, Petr Škoda (skodak), Rajesh Taneja, Rossiani Wijaya, Sam Hemelryk, Tim Barker, Tim Hunt).


Ciao all, stronk7 smile

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