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someone added adds to my moodle

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Re: someone added adds to my moodle
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I am going to post how I was able to track this down for anyone that had this problem.

I opened the Front Page and went to View Source.  Then I searched for loading-resource.

For me the script appeared between two of my course listings.  I went to the course directly above the script and found that the course was infected as well.  In the course, I also viewed source and found and deleted all three instances of the script.  

I also then changed the password of the offending teacher(!!) and notified her.

I will keep an eye on it but hope this maybe helps someone else.

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Solved! Re: someone added adds to my moodle
Hi Emma, Just to say thanks for this - I'm sure it'll be useful to many. Also to add "Solved!" to the Subject so people realise that there is a solution. Cheers, Glenys
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