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Installing Moodle in the AWS Free Usage Tier

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Installing Moodle in the AWS Free Usage Tier


I have requested an account in Amazon Web Services in order to test the AWS Free Usage Tier. My plan is to set up a Moodle site in this service in order to evaluate if we set up a production site in Amazon.

I have been reading this guide and the general guide too, and I believe that the Free Usage Tier allowes to run Moodle as it includes Elastic Block Store and Elastic Compute Cloud.

I thought of using the BitNami Moodle Cloud Server Get Started Stack which, for me, it would be the easiest way of seting up a Moodle site in the free EC2 micro instance included in the Free Usage Tier package.  The BitNami stack runs on RedHat and Ubuntu 12.0.4. RedHat is not included in the Free package, so I believe that Ubuntu will be included.

I have set up Moodle and Mahara sites in Ubuntu 10.0.4 as localhost, but it is the first time that I do this in Amazon.

Do you recomend me to use Bitnami or just select a basic Amazon Linux AMI and follow the instructions in the guide with the command Sudo? I have never used CentOS before, so I don't know if this is the right distribution for me or not.


Should I choose 64 or 32 bits Linux AMI ?

I think that the Installation Guide for Installing Moodle in AWS takes many things for granted. It would be good that the documentation includes some guide for dummies or people who are not proficient in Linux, but that they are keen to learn more.


Thank you very much for your advice.



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Re: Installing Moodle in the AWS Free Usage Tier
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There were couple of forum discussions:
- "Hosting via Amazon Web Services and the new Elastic Bean Stalk for PHP 5.3"

- "Advice required for hosting with AWS"

- "Benchmarked EC2 / VPS / Dedicated"

- "Cloud hosting for Moodle: Options and pros/cons"

You might find more with the "advanced search" facility

No, I don't have first hand experience.
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Re: Installing Moodle in the AWS Free Usage Tier

Thank you, Visvanath.

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