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v1.9 Read only mode via Auth user permissions

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v1.9 Read only mode via Auth user permissions
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As promised in my iMoot2012 'UOW's Moodle 2 Journey' session here is a link to the GoogleDoc of permission capabilities we used for version 1.9 at Waikato.

UOW Moodle 1.9 role permissions -

As part of our Moodle 2 upgrade process we duplicated our v1.9 site and made it available in read only mode while we upgraded the duplicate to 2.0.   This was achieved by altering the Authenticated User role's editing capabilities to "Prohibit" which overrode other role's editing abilities.

I hope this is useful to others smile


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Re: v1.9 Read only mode via Auth user permissions

Thanks for this, very helpful! We finally upgraded from 1.9 to 2.5 and made a "copy" just like you. Now our users can look back at 1.9 to see what it had been before the upgrade. Thanks again!

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