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Release of NanoGong with Moodle 2 Integration

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Re: Release of NanoGong with Moodle 2 Integration

Hy David,

Thanks for the tool.

I try use it in a moode 2.5 installation.

All seems ok, the recorder tool works OK, I can listen my recorded voice, and I can save it in my computer...

But when i try "Submit" to send it to the teacher, then is when I have the problem... this one:

"There is a problem sending the recording to the server. Please try again later !"

The server is running ok and do'nt found where ca be the problem.

Have you any idea of what can I try to resolve this problem?

Thanks again.


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Re: Release of NanoGong with Moodle 2 Integration

Hi Ramiro, we've run into the same problem.  There's a setting in the CFG object called httponly, if it set to true, Nanogong will stop working.  Unfortunately, httponly stops XSS attacks from hijacking user sessions on your Moodle site (especially the admin account).  Basically it prevents any applets or javascript from access the Moodle cookies and Nanogong depends on getting the session id from the Moodle cookies.  So turning it off will leave your users exposed to potential session hijacking.  Until Nanogong is patched, it looks like you will have to choose between security and Nanogong.

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