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My Moodle: Site news on My Moodle

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My Moodle: Site news on My Moodle
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This has been asked elsewhere (e.g. ) but not conclusively answered.

Is it possible to display the Site News (as it appears on the Site Home page) on the My Home page?

I know that I can add the Latest News block, but that's not quite the same thing, that shows a list of titles but none of the rich content and is therefore less prominent.

Site News seems to be a forum (belonging to the site-level course) which Site Home is somehow able to display within the body of the page. So is it possible to do the same thing on My Home?



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Re: My Moodle: Site news on My Moodle
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The My Moodle page is essentially a container of blocks. So what you need is a specialized 'Latest News ++' block which would display the rich content of the latest news. smile

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