Unenroll all Students

Unenroll all Students

Hello! It's the end of the year and I'm looking at unenrolling all our students from the (many) classes we have in our school district. Most students enrolled via self-enrollment or were manually enrolled by a teacher.

Mass unenrolling our self-enrolled is easy. I set the self-enrollment plugin to unenroll students after 7 days of inactivity (which will be every student come summer).

Question: What about students who were manually enrolled? I know teachers can always unroll students - but I'm trying to avoid that as this is unlikely to happen with some of our teachers.

Is there away to mass unenroll all students? 

Currently using Moodle 2.0.5. Upgrading to 2.2 this summer.

Thank you.

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Re: Unenroll all Students

I am also looking for a way to bulk unenroll all students. We used to use Angel and there was an option in the import CSV file to "DROP" the course when uploading users. SO at the beginning of each new semester I would take the same CSV I used the previous semester and changed all the cells from the headerfield add_to_course from ADD to DROP and it would unenroll all the students automatically out of each course.

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