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URL Resource - remove the extra click

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Svar: URL Resource - remove the extra click

Hi everyone,  In my opinion, This behavior has been around  at least since ver, 2.2.1
My latest testsite, is 2.4.1+ (Build: 20130214)

I did try the so called "working url:s" presented by Joe Amatrucola, but no luck.
But  I  think I'm beginning to understand why we  have so many different opinions  on the problem.

In my case, the problem with an extra page with the tiny font url:s, only appear when I put the
"url link" on the "main page" and only if I select "new window or popup window".

As soon as there is something diffrent in the "center region" everything works fine.
For example, if "chat room" or "webb news" are selected,
previously to the "url-click", then my popup window works instantly.

In other words, as soon as you click "Home" in "Navigation",
You can't select an url link in there, without having an extra page, that shows up the link.

Regards Lasse

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