problems using gradebook in moodle2

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Re: problems using gradebook in moodle2
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I'd again suggest LAE Grader, used by schools all over the world.  Our location is changed as it is packaged with the CLAMP LAE version of Moodle so you'd:

  1. get the latest LAE versions of Moodle at CLAMP
  2. extract grade/report/laegrader
  3. place in your moodle instance
  4. run notifications
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Re: problems using gradebook in moodle2

I just installed the LAE Grader and had no problems installing it for 2.7.2 . smile Looks great and the colours really make it easier to find the separate topic areas.

But.... I appear to be the only person that can see it!

I've checked with a teacher and a manager logged in and neither one of them can see it (I'm the admin).

Any ideas?