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Successful implementations Moodle 2.2+

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Re: Successful implementations Moodle 2.2+

MISTER Andrew Nicols, i see you configuration for moodle HA , i have a question . My implementation is

Barracuda load balancer

9 apache web server

1 pgpool2

2 BBDD postgresql 9.0, tue system work fine. When install moodle 1.9 work great but with moodle 2.4 not connect with the database configuration like this <ip_bbdd:9999> ok no problem change port in pgsql_native_moodle_database.php to 9999 not work, install over ddbb server 1 and after backup and restore in server2, in config.php change this

$CFG->dboptions = array(
    'dbport'    => '9999',
); but show the same error

but appears error when create a new course like Error writing to database , error/moodle/dmlwriteexception.

list the data inserted in database and the data is the same only is diferent the id for example 6 for server1 and 7 for server 2 (the data is different)

Any help please





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