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Successful implementations Moodle 2.2+

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Re: Successful implementations Moodle 2.2+
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Hi Ryan,

Disclaimer: I didn't write the original implementation of this, Dan Poltawski did.

1: Moodle needs users to have a password. We just provide a string as a fake password. Since the user's auth plugin is set to cosign, they can't use it for normal login. AIUI, even external auth handlers require something. There was a proposal a while ago to change this so that the password belongs to the authentication plugin rather than the user, but I don't think any progress was made on that.

2: User accounts must exist in Moodle for a user to log in. Even those relating to external authentication. We made the cosign plugin create users on login (there's a flag IIRC).

I'm still trying to find out about releasing the plugin smile


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Re: Successful implementations Moodle 2.2+

Doesn't Moodle use an auth order preference that allows authentication fallbacks?  Wouldn't that allow a user to somehow use their specified account password?  Or have I misunderstood that feature?  Admittedly, I'm not really sure how that feature works.

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