Open Badges and Moodle

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Re: Open Badges and Moodle


This looks really great!  I'm excited to see so much progress, and I'm excited to see that Moodle will be the first of the major LMS systems out there to implement badges (at least that I have seen).  I wanted to make sure that you all knew about some work that Moodlerooms is starting on redoing Outcomes.  It seems like there will be some key points of integration between the two.  For example, we may want to award badges once a user has achieved certain outcomes, etc.  

If you are interested, here is the specification:

Specifically, I'm guessing we are going to want to look at how badges and Outcomes interact on the User's Profile.  I did some mockups previously about how this might work, where I just put placeholders for Badges (since I knew that you were already working on it).  Take a look and let me know what you think:

Looks great!  Keep up the good work! 


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Re: Open Badges and Moodle
Core developers

Hi Phill,

That sounds like a really interesting idea! smile And great work on Outcomes spec! I especially like your changes to the user profile page and agree that it should be of a more pluggable nature.

As for integration with openbadges, there shouldn't be any problems with adding new criteria once your part of implementations is done. I was trying to design criteria for badges to be more or less easy to add by just extending badge_criteria class. I will certainly look into adding Outcomes to the exisiting criteria!


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