Open Badges and Moodle

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Re: Open Badges and Moodle
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Hi Simon
I just had a look at the Github link of
 and it seems to me like there's an entire distro of Moodle (all 39+ Megabytes of it). Sorry to ask a silly question, how do I install OpenBadges?

Frankie Kam

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Re: Open Badges and Moodle
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Hi Frankie,

We are aiming at integrating this feature into Moodle core. So, it is not a separate plugin or module.


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Simon Coggins
Re: Open Badges and Moodle
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I'm pleased to report that Open Badges has been integrated into Moodle in time for the 2.5 release (the next major release).

Now that it is part of core Moodle it has it's own discussion forum:

So I'd encourage you to subscribe and post any new questions or ideas there.



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