Deleting Assignment Submissions

Deleting Assignment Submissions


Can someone please point in the right direction to find out if there is a way to delete submissions to "Online Text" assignments that have been posted by students?

Thank you,
Jason Press
Moodle 1.9.7+

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Re: Deleting Assignment Submissions
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Hi Jason,

Unfortunately there is no way within Moodle to delete online text assignments, however it can be done if you have access to the database.

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Re: Deleting Assignment Submissions

I'm trying to do the same thing as Jason, but with Advanced uploading files.  It it the same and can't be reset?  Thanks!

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Re: Deleting Assignment Submissions

I just posted about this problem as well. The instructor could delete files using advanced uploading of files in Moodle 1.9x, but I am unable to find a way to do it in Moodle 2.

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Re: Deleting Assignment Submissions

I'm sure it's now missing.

The documentation is very clear that you should be able to delete a students submission using a "black X" ( but I can't see it.

Maybe we've missed something in the assignment set up?

Can anyone advise?

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Re: Deleting Assignment Submissions
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Looking at a student submission in Advanced uploading 2.2.+, I get two links. One that does nothing (its a tiny red line to the left of the Word icon) but reads

and the one for the file that reads

See that "force download"? I'll bet you don't get to delete a file marked for forced download.

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Re: Deleting Assignment Submissions
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I agree that there should be an x for the teacher/admin to use to delete a submission. However (1), the actual code to place the x icon and then do the deletion is no longer in the advanced upload assignment.class.php file.

However (2), when creating the assignment there is a setting that will let the student delete files anythime before submitting for grading, although it does seem to make you keep at least one file once you have uploaded any. thoughtful

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Re: Deleting Assignment Submissions

I'd agree that we need a way to delete student assignment submissions. It seems to have been an issue since 1.8.

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Re: Deleting Assignment Submissions

I would like to know this as well as our instructors and admins would like to delete unecessary assignments or documents uploaded by students.

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Re: Deleting Assignment Submissions

This is not perfect but worked for me to "delete" a student's uploaded file.  The student can edit the file here to make changes and resubmit.

To delete it - it will only work if you have a replacement file to upload - if the student is wanting to totally delete the file just make sure the replacement file has a different name so it is easily distinguished.

Either go to the activity and view submitted files or go to the gradebook - click on the "grade" link under the Status heading which is relevant to the assignment.  A window will appear.  Just above the file name is "revert to draft". Select that. 

Now the student can edit/"delete" the file themselves via the submission link or gradebook link. Alternatively you can log in as the student and go to the activity. You will see the document is in draft mode.  Click on edit these files.  

Next to the file name will be a little box. Click on this and you will have the following options:

  • Download
  • Rename
  • Move
  • Delete

Press delete. You will get a warning message and press Yes.  File has been deleted.

This is where I get stuck as it won't let you get out of this area as there must be a file there - if you press cancel the file comes back but you/student can upload a new file. ( I'll check my settings as I probably haven't got something set in the course settings to allow this - reading the assignment info says there is a setting to allow the student to delete submissions). So the student must have a replacement file to upload at this stage.  Press save changes.

 Hope this helps. smile

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