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Integration round 2012-01-12 Summary - already 2012!

One poor developer...
Integration round 2012-01-12 Summary - already 2012!
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Cold numbers:

26 issues have been successfully integrated and 10 have been rejected / delayed. That is 72% success, new year holidays hangover, I hope!


We missed completely reporting here the last two integration cycles (Dec 23th and Jan 5th), both aiming to (1) fix bugs for the new Moodle 2.2 version released recently and (2) prepare the new point releases for old versions (1.9.16, 2.0.7 and 2.1.4) released 3 days ago. As usual, updating to the last point release available is highly recommended.

Along January, all the people @ Moodle HQ is working hard adding more and better development documentation, both in the form of inline PHP Docs and online Moodle Docs.

At the same time, a lot of discussions are happening, researching and aiming to have the roadmap for the next Moodle 2.3 version (June 2012) completely delimited and defined.

Now, back to this week integration...

Hot topics:

  • MDL-22504 - Drag and drop functionality added to the File Manager (master).
  • MDL-29684 - Big improvements in the meta course enrol plugin (master)
  • MDL-26469 - One annoying and old issue about changes in module->cron (version.php), not being modified on upgrade.
  • CLI scripts, auth, questions, navigation.. also received some interesting fixes (stable versions) and improvements (dev version, future 2.3).

Warm thanks:

  • To all the people @ Moodle HQ whose name contains the letter 'A' that makes working on Moodle one funny and creative experience. Discussions, disagreements, grrr-ings and daily collaboration make my life, totally. I love you! Yes
  • To Bree Vreedenburgh, also from Moodle HQ. Because of all the reasons above and, more important, because her name does not contain the letter 'A', thanks! clown

Ciao all, stronk7 smile

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