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New contrib: LTI Provider

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Re: New contrib: LTI Provider

I have been working with the LTI provider quite extensively over the past few days. I have hit some roadblocks that I could really use some help with.

I have two moodle installs, each on their own server

The LTI Producer is on Moodle 2.4

The LTI Consumer is on Moodle 2.3

I have made two quizzes on the Producer and made them Tools

I created two external Tools on the Consumer linked to the quizzes on the Producer

Both appear to work great. I can take both quizzes on the consumer, I can confirm that they have been taken on the Producer


Here is the first problem: When User A takes Quiz 1 in the consumer, a new user for User A is created on the Producer (that is what I would expect to happen). When User A takes Quiz 2 in the Consumer, a SECOND new user for User A is created on the Producer. I have done this with three tools now and have THREE user accounts for User A on the Producer.

In the grade book, there are three User As and grades for each user are blank except for the column of the assignment that created that user.

Is this how it is supposed to work? Is there a setting I'm missing?

This problem is compounding because the producer grades are not being reported to the consumer gradebook. When I run cron, these are the results:

Processing customized cron scripts ...Processing cron function for local_ltiprovider...
Running cron for ltiprovider
 Sync tool id 2 course id 5
User grade not send: grade = 
User grade send failed: 
 Sync tool id 3 course id 5
Skipping user 13
Skipping user 14
done. (20 dbqueries, 0.63 seconds)

Any help would be appreciated. Perhaps I am being too ambitious, but I was hoping to use this tool next week.

Here is the info for my tools

Quiz: LTI Quiz Test d42dd4989cad6d7d1a843bb5e80df557 Delete Edit Hide
Quiz: LTI Quiz Test2 ff061af4318fb8f16946fa57dcc3c644
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Re: New contrib: LTI Provider

Hi Jared,

It seems that I am having the exact same issue. I can see the grades in the provider but the cron script does not push them to the consumer. Were you able to solve this issue?


FWIW I have web services and all protocols enabled on both systems and they are both running locally with their own domain names, directories, and databases.

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Re: New contrib: LTI Provider


No, I am still waiting to hear back from anyone. This is a fantastic idea, I got very excited when I got it up and running. It would solve a problem I have where our school LMS (an LTI consumer) has a lot of good features that the students like and are used to, but also allows me to bring in the best of Moodle.

I hope we get this worked out soon

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Re: New contrib: LTI Provider

Did you find the solution? I'm having the same problem.

greetings Erik

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