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Moodle used to help people with disabilities

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Moodle used to help people with disabilities

The Neil Squire Society (NSS) is a Canadian not-for-profit organization that supports and empowers people with physical disabilities.

Online learning programs provided through Moodle are helping train people to reach their employment goals and long-term dreams.

Crystal, who has had to deal with a brain injury and other disabilities, is learning new skills through training on Moodle. "I have become more direct, stronger, and less fearful," says Crystal. "My feelings about finding work have changed. This program has given me more confidence and determination to never give up."

In addition to the online learning programs, the NSS is also using Moodle to provide in-house training for staff and volunteers.

Moodle Partner Lambda Solutions is providing hosting and support for the NSS. All Moodle Partners contribute directly to the ongoing development of Moodle software via funding and/or expertise, so by making use of Lambda Solutions' services, the NSS is helping support Moodle development.

For further details of how the Neil Squire Society are using Moodle, see the Lambda Solutions case study How Moodle Helps People With Disabilities Learn.