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Integration Round 2011-11-21 Summary - on demand master

One poor developer...
Integration Round 2011-11-21 Summary - on demand master
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Cold numbers:

31 issues have been successfully integrated and 6 have been rejected / delayed. That is 84% success, sweet one!


This round was focussed into producing a new Moodle 2.2beta+ interim release aimed to facilitate everybody to test and discover new bugs and also, to unlock (reset) some QA tests with fixes added for the problems found.

Next integration cycle will run along the next 48/72 hours, trying to catch-up developers and all the remaining issues sent to integration up to 5 hours ago. It will produce stable weeklies that will be wrapped as new releases (1.9.15, 2.0.6 and 2.1.3) next Monday.

Hot topics:

  • A good number of improvements and bug fixes arrived to the External tool (aka, IMS-LTI) activity debuting with Moodle 2.2.
  • Various Theme issues received fixes here and there.
  • Messaging, backup and restore, wiki, web services... also received they portion of "medicine". smile

Warm thanks:

  • To all you, why not, thanks!
  • Specially to Chris Scribner, from Moodlerooms, for their intense week fixing and improving the External tool.
  • To Mary Evans, from NewSchool Learning, and her continue efforts fighting (I think that is the word) with all those css/layouts/ltr vs rtl/git worlds.

Ciao all, stronk7 smile

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